Our Expertise

We provide exceptional services to leading public sector and private organisations in e-Governance, ICT, e-Commerce and Mobile Solutions, Supply Chain Management, Marketing Research & Promotion, Brand Licensing & Strategy, etc. We have a wealth of experience in working on various projects meeting deadlines and critical delivery parameters with exceptional commitment and skill.

Many years of expertise

We put to use our 20 years of field experience and collaborate that with ideas from the brightest minds to give our customers tailor made solutions for their businesses in the areas of e-governance & ICT initiatives, IT & eCommerce solutions & strategy, Branding and Brand Licensing strategy & consulting, Supply chain consulting encompassing vendor assessment, product sourcing, quality control, remediation, coordination of logistics and its inherent challenges, etc.

Hands on experience with the latest skills & technologies, implementation from conceptualisation to market

For our clients, we have completely managed from scratch multiple projects such as one’s involving product development from the ground up to retail market, brand licensing strategy development and brand and market promotion campaigns for the traditional channels as well as web and social media channels, trading assistance for import or export of various products such as electronics, household appliances, solar energy based products, industrial engineering equipment and machinery, edible and food items, cosmetics and beauty or skincare products and devices, healthcare devices, baby products, sportswear and activewear, etc.

Multi-locational and diverse projects

Apart from India and Nepal, we have operated in or from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Ukraine, UAE, etc. This has helped us build relationships with, recruit and retain exceptional talent for our projects. We also hire talented and experienced professionals as consultants for specific projects or tasks on a short and medium term basis.

Research and strategy

We use data, analytics, timelines and trend analysis and consumer behaviour and experiential understanding to help us take informed business decisions and also to extend a broader viewpoint to our clients.

Supply chain consulting & Product Sourcing

With the expertise and experience through many years of the real-world application and a deep understanding of industrial design and product manufacturing, we are able to advise our clients with success in real world applications, overseas manufacturing projects and coordinate and work with partners in various countries to develop and manufacture merchandise, products and consumer goods.

Overall expertise

Manufacturing experience, application of time-tested processes and a deep and intrinsic knowledge of each product line or service, of our partners and team mates, helps us leverage these time-tested skills and knowledge to the benefit of our clients and customers.